Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adventures in Flatbread: Naan

My second foray into flat breads was not nearly as successful as the first. I made Afgani Snowshoe Naan, and while the end result was tasty, it looked more like a bastardized roti then naan.

Shaping the far it sort of looks like naan

Poking dents in the dough for the so-called "snowshoe" effect

After the dents were made, the dough was stretched out even thinner. This is where the problem of a too small baking stone, let alone oven, came into play

The stretched out dough somehow had to be made smaller to fit in the oven. You can see the outside is quite doughy and the center is almost crisp. Next time I'll start with a much smaller oval, or wait till I have a larger oven!

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