Saturday, February 14, 2015

time to check in on paw paw

He's as tall as the roof now! Looking very healthy. A few small blossoms have come up, but they never seem to develop into much.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A fresh bedroom

As I find myself getting closer and closer to baby #2, my nesting urges are getting stronger and stronger. One of the biggest projects that I was so happy to cross off my list was painting the bedroom. I wanted to have ample time for the paint to dry and fumes to clear before bringing a newborn in to sleep there.

A fresh coat of paint was something that we wanted to do ever since moving in a year and a half ago, but these things are easily pushed back on priority lists. Only after a visit from an electrician left big holes to patch in the ceiling and wall did painting become a priority. We decided on a lovely fresh sage green color, being careful to make sure it still looked lovely in daylight, soft bedside lamp lighting, and the quite harsh overhead fluorescent light.

I think it looks nicest in the bright morning sunlight here. 

I only wish I remembered to take some before and progress'll have to trust me that it's quite an improvement. These three doors (bathroom, closet, and main door) were each different shades of white, off-white, and cream. Something that would drive a perfectionist like myself crazy. It's amazing I tolerated it for so long!

Friday, February 6, 2015

My first election day

I had all the privilege and excitement last week of voting in my first election as an Australian citizen. Although voting is compulsory as a citizen, you do have a few options of mail-in, early voting stations, etc. But I wanted the full experience, so we went down to the local church on election day, and waded through all the parties handing out brochures at the last minute trying to influence my vote, as well as a local group offering a sausage sizzle and the local CWA selling raffle tickets to a quilt. I'm sure everyone voting, campaigning, and volunteering had all sorts of different political opinions, but the overall atmosphere was of a friendly neighbourhood gathering. Another fun reason elections are always held on a Saturday (apart from it's easier more most people working a traditional schedule to get to the polls).

Of course, this election has been "historic" (as the news likes to report) for many reasons. Some good overview articles here, if you're interested. It reminds me of the hung parliament that happened after the last major UK election, which I got to witness first hand as I was visiting my husband's family at the time in the UK. That government has been operating normally since 2010, so we can assume that a possible hung parliament here in Queensland would not be the end of the world either. Although now I'm not sure of my influence, do these so-called rare hung parliaments only happen when I have close proximity to the elections??

Despite my obligation to vote in Australia now, parliamentary democracies, preference voting, hung parliaments, and leadership spills are still a bit of a mystery to me. Although I think most life-long Australians find politics as silly and occasionally confusing as I do! We all mostly just vote for who we think is most competent/least irritating.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

This year we are celebrating Christmas at home and I'm going to embrace the hot-weather Australian style. The tree is fake, there will be prawns, there will be pavlova, and there will be swimming in the pool. But I won't give up all my cold weather traditions, either...I'll still find time to listen to the Nutcracker and eat homemade cookies. The best of both worlds. I'm also very excited for my son, it's his second Christmas, but really the first one he'll be "aware" of. I can't wait to hear his excited noises upon seeing all the gifts appear under the tree!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Springtime garden

This blog title is a bit misleading, because I think we completely bypassed Spring here in Brisbane since we've had record heat waves and severe storms already! Still, when anything flowers in the garden, I'm happy to capture it and call it "Spring"!

This rose was already budding when I brought it home from the garden center, time will tell if I have any more luck, especially with the plant behind it...roses are notoriously hard to grow in this climate/continent!

frangipanis and yuccas in bloom

my little helper